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Beauty Tips

Learn to layer
your make-up

Beauty Tips - Rutland & Lincolnshire

Layering make-up will help it last longer in hot weather. Rather than applying one thick coat of eyeshadow, blusher or lipstick, take a little more time to gradually build up the depth of shade with a few coats of colour. This way you can gauge exactly the finished effect you want and it'll help you beat the heat, too.

Beauty secrets from
around the world

In Russia, women whip each other with dried twigs to get rid of their cellulite. Sounds like suffering for your appearance.

Chinese women drink green-pea soup to help keep their skin wrinkle-free and smooth.

Women in India concoct a home-made setting lotion by leaving wood shavings in a glass of water overnight.

4 steps to plumper lips
1. Apply foundation to lips - use a make-up sponge for a more even application
2. Softly outline your lips using a pencil just slightly darker than your natural lip colour.
3. Apply lipstick with a brush for a more accurate outline. Blot with tissue and re-apply.
4. Use clear lip gloss - add to centre, top and bottom of lips to create the illusion of fullness.

Liven up your looks with a touch of colour

Many women are afraid of using bold colour on their faces because it is so long since it was in fashion. However, holidays are the perfect time to experiment with a wash of bold eyeshadow or zingy lipstick. Try these ideas...

Colouring Eyeshadow Lipstick
fair skinned blond aqua blue, mint green candy pink
warm skinned blonde cool peach, jade green terracotta
fair skinned brunette soft yellow, lilac damson
warm skinned brunette copper, gold cherry red
redhead turquoise, henna burnt orange
olive skinned violet, jade green golden red
dark skinned damson, peacock blue fuchsia
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